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Our world is undoubtedly going through some fairly sizeable changes, none more so than the new found drive to clean up our act a little bit. We’re a traditional haulage company but we want to lead the way; none of this isn’t going to be easy because we have all, certainly in the Western World, become accustomed to a very specific way of life. The environmental impact of our way of life has become all too evident but we like our lives rights? We like the holidays, the nice things that we work hard for, that new phone, that new item of clothing and we think there’s nothing wrong with that. What we need to do is simply tip the balance towards making these nice things sustainable.

Our consumer driven economies have always been at the expense of the environment, but it’s never really been understood to what scale until this last decade. Our environmental impact has never been more topical and we, as a species, have never been so aware of how our actions affect our special planet.

With this new found focus on our environmental impact there has never been a better time to capitalise on the worlds enthusiasm for protecting our planet. We are often given ideas by experts on how we should change our habits but very few are truly grass roots and practical, implementation of these ideas for the everyday family who have careers, houses to run, family’s to organise and a whole host of other responsibilities, they are often simply unrealistic. The truly ground breaking ideas will be judged by history to be the ones that helped families and households make practical changes that were realistic.

We’re not Eco-Warriors, we’re not pushing opinion from behind a keyboard without offering solutions, no, we are normal citizens who simply see that all of the talk is currently not resulting in any action. What makes us different is that we are ready to take on that challenge; to make tangible and measurable solutions available to the world that starts to tackle all of the environmental issues we’re facing.

We felt a good place to start was to ensure that all of our collection vehicles and our processing plant run on electric from renewable sources which is generated right here at our plant!

We really look forward to working with you all.

How does it work? Simple really!

This is where we introduce WeCycle, we are a simple idea that everyone can buy into if they want to help the planet. We view our business as a global participant business; we want you all to be ‘shareholders’ in our business and this is where the rebate incentive has been devised from. If you have a desire to do good, then we have the desire to reward it.

  • One off fee of £25 to sign up and receive your recycling bin
  • Scan the barcode on your item to see if it can be recycled
  • Clean your recycling as best you can and place into bin
  • We collect twice a week using our fully electric collection vehicles
  • We pay you weekly!

For the first time ever we give you full end to end visibility on how your recycling is taken from trash to brand new end products, even new roads!

And what makes us different? Receive a continuous dividend for your excellent recycling skills! The more we recycle, the more you get!

Your Personal Online Account!

View the difference you're making 24/7/365!

Credit Progress Bar

See how you’re doing in real time with your recycling!

This month so far you've earnt:
Doing amazing, keep at it! 42.3%

Where Your Recycling has Gone

1 %

This is anything from new plastic bottles to new cardboard packaging, Amazing!

1 %
New Roads

The open highways have just got a little bit more sustainable! Go you!

1 %

Some waste is suitable for methane plants which generate renewable energy!

New trees

Not only do you earn but so does the planet! We fund the planting of new trees!

When we launch.

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